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2016 Election Committee Subsector Elections
Facts and Figures
Guidelines on Election-related Activities
Press Releases
Publicity Materials
Nomination of Candidates
Notes to Candidates
Election Advertisements
Completing the Election Return
Introduction to Candidates
Polling Stations and Central Counting System
Ballot Paper Design and Voting Validation and Optical Automation System
Voters of Polling Stations
Exit Poll
Exit Poll
Voter Turnout Rate
Media Centre
Election Results
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Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance (Cap. 541)
Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (Cap. 554)
Chief Executive Election Ordinance (Cap. 569)
Electoral Affairs Commission (Registration) (Electors for Legislative Council Functional Constituencies) (Voters for Election Committee Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) Regulation (Cap. 541B)
Electoral Affairs Commission (Nominations Advisory Committees (Election Committee)) Regulation (Cap. 541H)
Electoral Affairs Commission (Electoral Procedure) (Election Committee) Regulation (Cap. 541I)
Maximum Scale of Election Expenses (Election Committee) Order (Cap. 554I)
Election Committee (Appeals) Regulation (Cap. 569A)
Election Committee (Registration) (Voters for Subsectors) (Members of Election Committee) (Appeals) Regulation (Cap. 569B)
Election Committee (Subscribers and Election Deposit for Nomination) Regulation (Cap. 569C)
Distribution of Number of Members Among Designated Bodies (Election Committee) Order 2001 (Cap. 569D)







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