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2015  District Councils Election 參選為社區 For Our Community Stand for Election
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Election Brief

Polling Date and Hours
Who can vote?
Why vote?
Voting System
How to vote?
Checklist for Electors
Facilitation Measures for Electors with Special Needs
Number of Electors by Constituency

Polling Date and Hours

  • 22 November 2015 (Sunday).
  • 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. (except for dedicated polling stations situated in prisons).

Who can vote?

  • All Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above who are ordinarily residing in Hong Kong are eligible to register as electors.
  • Registered electors whose names have been included in the 2015 Final Register of Electors for Geographical Constituencies may cast their vote in the election.

Why vote?

  • To elect a District Council member who can represent your interests and advise the Government on district affairs.
  • To exercise your civic rights and fulfil your civic responsibilities.

Voting System

  • The District Council Election adopts the first-past-the-post voting system. Each elector shall vote for only one candidate in the constituency concerned. The candidate who receives the largest number of votes will be elected.
  • Each elector will be assigned to a designated polling station near his/her residential address registered in the Final Register of Electors as far as practicable. Electors in custody will be arranged to vote at dedicated polling stations in penal institutions, police stations or other places as appropriate.
  • A poll card showing information about the designated polling station of an individual elector will be issued to the respective electors before the polling day.
  • Elector with disability finding that the designated polling station is not accessible may apply to the Registration and Electoral Office to vote at the designated special polling station accessible to wheelchair users by fax (2891 1180) or by telephone (2891 1001) not later than 17 November 2015.

How to vote?

  • Bring your HKID card to your designated polling station on 22 November 2015 (Sunday) during polling hours.
  • Present your HKID card to the polling staff inside the polling station who will verify your information in the electoral roll.
  • You will be given a ballot paper, a paper board together with a chop bearing a "tick" (tick).
  • Inside the voting compartment, affix the chop on the ballot paper in the circle next to the name of the candidate of your choice.
  • Fold the ballot paper once to conceal the "tick" (tick) before putting it into the ballot box.


  1. Vote for ONE candidate only.
  2. You must use the chop provided. Do NOT use a pen or any other means to mark or amend your ballot paper. This will render your vote invalid.
  3. If you make any mistake in applying the chop on the ballot paper, please return it to the Presiding Officer and ask for a replacement ballot paper.

Checklist for Electors

  • Do NOT solicit or accept any advantage (including gift, money, etc.) for influencing one's voting decision.
  • Do NOT solicit or accept any meal, drink or other entertainment for influencing one's voting decision.
  • Do NOT vote in the election knowing that you have provided false information when registering as an elector.
  • Do NOT communicate with other electors or use mobile telephones or any other device for electronic communication within a polling station.
  • Do NOT film, take photographs or make any audio or video recording within a polling station.
  • Do NOT ask other electors to mark your ballot paper – in case of need, you may request the Presiding Officer to mark your ballot paper in the presence of a polling officer.
  • Do NOT interfere with other electors who are recording their votes.

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