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2022 Chief Executive Election - Home

Election Brief

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) shall be elected by the Election Committee and appointed by the Central People's Government.

Polling date:  8 May 2022 (Sunday)

Nomination Period:  3 April 2022 – 16 April 2022

Eligibility and Candidature

To be eligible for nomination as a candidate at the Chief Executive Election, a person must:

  1. be a permanent resident of the HKSAR and a Chinese citizen;
  2. have no right of abode in any foreign country;
  3. have reached 40 years of age; and
  4. have ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than 20 years on the day on which the vacancy in the office of the CE is due to arise, i.e. 1 July 2022.

Besides, candidates for the office of the Chief Executive shall be nominated by not less than 188 members of the Election Committee, of which the number of members from each of the 5 Election Committee sectors should not be less than 15. Each member of the Election Committee may only nominate one candidate.

Nomination forms are available on the ground floor of City Gallery, 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong, during ordinary business hours before the close of the nomination period, or can be downloaded from the Registration and Electoral Office’s website (

Maximum Amount of Election Expenses:  HK$17,600,000

Voting System

  • The Chief Executive shall be elected by the Election Committee by secret ballot on a one-person-one-vote basis.
  • In a contested election, a candidate who obtains more than 750 valid votes cast in any round of voting shall be returned at the election.
  • In an uncontested election (i.e. only one validly nominated candidate), the candidate shall only be returned at the election if the number of support votes obtained exceeds 750 in the poll.

Conduct and Supervision of the Election

  • The Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) is responsible for conducting and supervising the election.
  • The EAC has appointed a judge of the Court of First Instance of the High Court as the Returning Officer of the 2022 Chief Executive Election.
  • The Independent Commission Against Corruption will uphold fairness of the election through effective law enforcement, education and prevention.