As at 5 pm, 12 November 2021 (Friday)

Constituency Name of Nominee (Surname First) Alias Gender Occupation Political Affiliation Date of Nomination Remarks
Election Committee ConstituencyZEMAN Allan MBusinessman 30/10/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Yuet-ming FDistrict Council Member 30/10/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLEE Hoey Simon MCSO 30/10/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAM Lam Nixie F*Consultant HostDAB30/10/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyWONG Yuen-shanStephenM  30/10/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAU Chi-pang MProfessor 1/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyTAN Yueheng MFinance 1/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyTSENG Chin-i FPresenter 2/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyWONG Chi-him MHead and Director of Public Affairs and Marketing 2/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyKONG Yuk-foon Doreen FSolicitor 2/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLEE Chun-keung M*Engineer/ManagerLiberal Party2/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLEUNG Mei-fun FLegislative Councillor, Barrister-at-Law Hong Kong, Associate Professor of LawBPA, Kowloon West New Dynamic3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Siu-hung MManaging Director - China of Listed Company 3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyTANG Fei M  3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHOW Man-kong MAssociate Director of Research Institute 3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyNG Kit-chong MMerchant 3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAM Shun-chiu Dennis MDoctor 3/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHEN Chung-nin Rock MInvestment ManagerAssociate Member, DAB4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAM Chun-sing MTrade Union StaffThe Federation of Hong Kong & Kowloon Labour Unions4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLEUNG Kenneth Yuk-wai MMerchant 4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLUK Hon-man MChief Strategy OfficerBPA4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyFUNG Wai-kwong MCurrent Affairs Commentator 4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencySUN Wei-yung Kevin MManaging DirectorIndependent Candidate4/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Judy Kapui FRegional Development OfficerNew People's Party5/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyYUNG Hoi-yan FBarrister-at-LawNew People's Party/Civil Force5/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyKAN Wai-mun Carmen FSolicitor/General Counsel 5/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Pui-leung MInsurance 5/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAM Chi-yuen Nelson MFCPA (Practising) 5/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyWONG Kwok Kingsley MTrade UnionThe Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLUK Chung-hung MLegislative CouncillorThe Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHOY Wing-keung MBus CaptainThe Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyMAK Mei-kuen Alice FLegislative CouncillorThe Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Hoi-yan FDirector 6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyKWOK Ling-lai Lillian FTeacherDAB6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Hoi-wing M*DAB Central Committee MemberDemocratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyQUAT ElizabethEQFLegislative Council MemberDAB6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHEUNG Kwok-kwan MSolicitorDAB6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyDIU Sing-hung MRegistered Electrical Worker 6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyMA Fung-kwok M*Company Director*New Century Forum6/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyKOON Ho-ming Peter Douglas MClergy 8/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyTSE Wai-chun Paul MSolicitorIndependent8/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyHONG Wen FHead of Research 8/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyTU Hai-ming M  8/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAM Siu-lo Andrew MBusinessman 8/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyHO Kwan-yiu MLegCo Member 9/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencySUN Dong MProfessor 9/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyCHAN Man-ki Maggie FSolicitor 10/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyROWSE Michael John Treloar MConsultant 10/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencySO Cheung-wing M  11/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyNG Wang-wai Charles MSee Note 1 12/11/2021 
Election Committee ConstituencyLAI Tung-kwok MExecutive Vice ChairmanNew People's Party12/11/2021 

Note 1 - Vice-President of University and Dean of Graduate School, Fellow of Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, the President of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (the first Chinese President elected)
* The information has been revised as requested by the nominee.
Note: Please also refer to the Chinese version, which may contain additional information (e.g. occupation) provided by the nominee(s) in Chinese only.
[Source of information: Nomination forms submitted by nominees]