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Keep on Filibustering, Get Rid of CY Leung

League of Social Democrats and People Power fired the first salvo in 2012 against the unnecessary restructuring of the new CY Leung’s government. “Internet Article 23” (Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2014), “Lantau Reclamation Project” and “One Belt, One Road Scholarship” were not approved recently because of our joint efforts. Filibuster has become the shield to fence off CY Leung.

CY Leung openly said that he was “afraid of filibuster”, and hoped that fewer “filibuster members” would return to LegCo. We are the natural enemies of CY Leung and we vow to fight against him as long as he is in power.

We have become the worst nightmare of the Hong Kong communist regime. Even South China Morning Post (On 21 July 2016) described Raphael Wong as the “Filibuster Mastermind”.

We need you to VOTE US IN so that we can protect your rights and interests. Vote for Raphael Wong of League of Social Democrats and Albert Chan of People Power!

Vote us in, Kick CY out!

Together We Build A Real Hong Kong:

- Universal Suffrage for the elections of Chief Executive and the Legislative Council, abolish all Functional Constituencies
- Set up Universal Retirement Protection Scheme and abolish Mandatory Provident Fund
- Abolish the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) immediately
- Increase supply of public housing and rental freeze for public housing
- Provide more funds for better medical service, increase healthcare staff, shorten waiting time for specialist out-patient services
- Introduce Standard Working Hours legislation and provide financial aid for the unemployed
- Buy back MTR, the Link REIT and the Western Harbour Tunnel
- Take back the power to vet and approve the entry of immigrants
- Boost local economy, promote local agriculture and high value-added industries, create more jobs for the people
- Equal rights for ethnic minorities, help them to integrate into the community and promote harmony
- No further tax rebate to consortia, give cash subsidy of HK$ 10,000 to every Hong Kong resident
- Protect natural habitats, against the Third Runway, the Lantau Development Project and Mega-incinerator