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Ten Polices to “Make Sheung Shui have order again”!
1. Fight against the illegal parallel goods trading.
2. Prevent bid-rigging activity of property maintenance projects to safeguard the interest of property owners.
3. Fight for better facilities in the District.
4. Set up underground bicycle parking lots, which has successfully been done in Japan, to resolve the problem of illegal bicycle parking along the footbridge adjacent to MTR station.
5. Request better traffic flows between the urban areas and the District.
6. Ensure sufficient places for school children in the District.
7. Improve management at the Shek Wu Hui Market.
8. Upgrade hygiene in the District.
9. Fight for more public housing and HOS projects, both for the low income and middle-classes.
10. Fight for genuine elections of the Chief Executive and Legislative Council and safeguard the core values of Hong Kong.