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Hello! I am a Hong Konger , who living at North District for more than twenty years. Since three years ago, I began to focus on the smugglers problem, and also concerned about the self-service traveling tours, "double non-children's" and the outbound traffic in North District plus other issues.

Choi Yuen Estate , was originally a quiet little community, since the invasion of smugglers, living space and pollution have all been occupied by various government departments have turned a blind eye to this, so that Choi Yuen became the "limbo" land. Many neighbors have complained, why no one dares to take the challenge, to take over and solve the problem?

Today, I have promised you, I am willing to accept the challenge, together to solve community problems in Choi Yuen.

I am Leung Kam Shing Clarence Ronald (Kam Kam), I am glad to be your service!