Candidate Number2




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Election Platform

1. Protect the residents of the Fu Sun constituency against infringement of their interests.
2. Increase welfare and recreational activities for the middle-aged and the aged.
3. Emphasize moral education for the youth.
4. Fight for extension of the West Rail to the Fu Sun constituency.
5. Fight for direct special bus services of Routes 962X and 259D from the Fu Sun constituency with no other stop in Tuen Mun.
6. Urge government departments to fulfil their responsibilities to serve the residents of the Fu Sun constituency.
7. Fight for an increase in funding to improve the environment and facilities within the Fu Sun constituency and to organize more recreational and cultural activities.
8. Establish a community centre for the Fu Sun constituency to hold different activities there.
9. Fight for more resources to deal with family problems within the Fu Sun constituency.
10. Fight for more job opportunities for the residents of the Fu Sun constituency.