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I am here to serve, to make a difference but can't do without you!
Dear all friends of Yuet Wah,
I'd like to thank all volunteers, residents working hand in hand with me, Hoi Shan, in the past 13 years. Hoi Shan is also proud to say, Kwun Tong Community Health Centre is now on our doorstep, lift connecting Kwun Tong MTR and our community has become real. All are completed during my term of office.
Hoi Shan has decided to run for DC election. Using DC as a platform of resource, I believe I could better serve you. I also believe, opportunities from redeveloping Kwun Tong will make "adding value to our community" no longer a slogan.
I sincerely hope you will vote for me. Every piece of your support helps. Thanks a lot!
Hoi Shan