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Election Platform

◥ implement leading Hiu Kwong Street, Sau Mau Ping Memorial Park, built as soon as possible on the escalator Sau Mau Ping
◥ United Christian Hospital as soon as possible to implement the expansion, relieve the patient's needs.
◥ implement MTR Kowloon East Extension project be launched as soon as possible to solve the problem of traffic congestion in Kwun Tong.
◥ carry out the implementation of a universal retirement protection scheme.
◥ implement the Ping River Park to build as soon as possible and request for additional elderly sports facilities.
◥ implement shore power facilities Cruise Terminal environmental protection, reduce air pollution in Hong Kong.
◥ implement several landfills activated as soon as possible to enhance the landscaping.
◥ continue to fight for the construction of additional housing and the construction of additional accommodation for solving the housing needs of the grassroots.
◥ continue to focus on small owners' equity.