2008 Legislative Council Election 2008 Legislative Council Election
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Facts about the Election

Polling day:

7 September 2008

Polling hours:

7:30 am to 10:30 pm

Nomination period of candidature:

19 July to 1 August 2008

Term of office:

The term of office of the newly elected Legislative Council Members will begin on 1 October 2008 and last for four years.

Composition (60 seats)
- 30 members to be returned from Geographical Constituencies
- 30 members to be returned from Functional Constituencies

Geographical Constituencies (30 seats)


Hong Kong Island

6 seats


Kowloon West

5 seats


Kowloon East

4 seats


New Territories West

8 seats


New Territories East

7 seats

Voting system: List system of proportional representation

Functional Constituencies (30 seats)


Heung Yee Kuk*

1 seat


Agriculture and Fisheries*

1 seat



1 seat



1 seat



1 seat



1 seat



1 seat



1 seat


Health Services

1 seat



1 seat


Architectural, Surveying and Planning

1 seat



3 seats


Social Welfare

1 seat


Real Estate and Construction

1 seat



1 seat


Commercial (First)

1 seat


Commercial (Second)

1 seat


Industrial (First)

1 seat


Industrial (Second)

1 seat



1 seat


Financial Services

1 seat


Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication

1 seat


Import and Export

1 seat


Textiles and Garment

1 seat


Wholesale and Retail

1 seat


Information Technology

1 seat



1 seat


District Council

1 seat

Voting systems: 'First past the post' voting system applies to all functional constituencies, except for the four special functional constituencies (marked with * ) where the 'preferential elimination system of voting' is adopted.

Number of electors
Geographical Constituencies: 3,372,007
Functional Constituencies: 229,861
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Where to vote?

  • Each elector and authorized representative will be assigned to a designated polling station near his/her residential address registered in the Final Register of Electors.

  • A poll card showing information about the designated polling station of an individual elector or authorized representative will be issued to him/her before the polling day.

  • Elector or authorized representative with a disability may apply to the Registration and Electoral Office to vote at the designated special polling station in writing or by telephone not later than 2 September 2008.

How to vote?

  • Bring your Hong Kong Identity Card ("HKID card") to your designated polling station on 7 September 2008 (Sunday) during the polling hours (7:30 am to 10:30 pm).

  • Present your HKID card to the polling staff inside the polling station who will verify your personal particulars against the Final Register of Electors.

  • You will be given 1, 2 or 3 different ballot papers, depending on your entitlement, and a paper board together with a chop bearing a "tick". A black pen will also be given to an elector or authorized representative of the four special Functional Constituencies.

  • You should mark your ballot paper(s) inside a voting compartment.  Please follow the instructions given by polling staff and printed on the ballot paper(s) and on the notices inside the voting compartment.  For example, as a Geographical Constituency and a Functional Constituency (except the four special Functional Constituencies) elector, you should only use a chop provided by polling staff to mark a "tick" in the circle of the list of candidates or opposite the name of candidate of your choice.

  • If you have made any mistake in marking the ballot paper, please return it to the Presiding Officer and ask for a replacement.

  • For a Geographical Constituency ballot paper, please fold it once to conceal the "tick" mark before putting it into the blue ballot box. For a Functional Constituency ballot paper, please turn it face down instead of folding it and insert it into the red ballot box.

Checklist for Electors

  • Do NOT solicit or accept any advantage (including gift, money, etc.) for influencing one's voting decision.

  • Do NOT solicit or accept any meal, drink or other entertainment for influencing one's voting decision.

  • Do NOT communicate with other electors or use mobile telephones or any other device for electronic communication within a polling station.

  • Do NOT film, take photographs or make any audio or video recording within a polling station.

  • Do NOT ask other electors to mark your ballot paper – in case of need, you may request the Presiding Officer to mark your ballot paper in the presence of a polling officer.

  • Do NOT interfere with other electors who are recording their votes.

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